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Hello world!! Goodbye Obesity!!

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Here it begins. The front-line of the real battle to beat obesity. And before I write one more word, let me say now, that as I write this, I am an obese person. But I am an obese person whose weight is now trending downwards instead of upwards. I’m beginning to look rather thinner than I looked just six months ago, and now, for the first time in years, I have hope. For the first time in years, not being obese looks like it will be a reality for me in the next few months. I am beginning to look like an ordinary person. This blog is the story of my journey, my discoveries and my failures and successes. MY PROGRAM. It is a blog that I hope will help others who are traveling the unhappy and unhealthy road of obesity and who are having trouble navigating the muddy waters that are today’s burgeoning “weight loss industry”.

When I started to develop my own personal program for dealing with my own personal obesity problem, I discovered that although the internet is filled to the brim with amazing people sharing their stories and problems and issues and ideas with one another, there was precious little I could actually use as my personal weight loss companion. I could find various forums where the tools I was using were being discussed, and as I often was more in the mood for reading than I was for joining, I found that the answers I needed were not always forthcoming. I wanted to know what I was likely to experience as I took each step. I wanted comfort and support, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk to others about it. So, lacking much of the detailed information I would have liked, I decided to make my own notes and record them, in case even one other like me comes along ~ a reader who just wants to know every detail of what I’ve been doing and how it has worked or not worked.

As I go along, and assuming I can overcome my technical backwardness, I will begin to outline my own personal program for overcoming obesity. I will start at the beginning. Those who are disposed to follow my approach will be able to apply each step and read this blog as their own companion on that long, long road. My initial advice to all who follow any weight loss regimen is to consult with your doctor before you start and work with your doctor closely throughout the process. If your doctor will not help you, find a doctor who will help. If you are obese, it’s not just your weight that is compromised, but your entire health and well being. You will need support.

From the very beginning I had a series of issues in mind that may make my approach to dealing with obesity unusual in some respects and downright counter-intuitive in others. I will discuss them as the days and weeks unfold. I am a woman, and at almost 50 years of age I am dealing with peri-menopause, or maybe even menopause itself, who the hell really knows? Age, and years of yo-yo dieting have made my pounds harder to shift than when I was in my early 30s and lost five inches off my waist in the first two weeks of doing Weight Watchers. That kind of weight loss doesn’t happen for me anymore. Now I can literally eat NOTHING for an entire week and finish up the week heavier than I started it. And yes, I can gain weight just by thinking about food! You know that story? If you do, then stick with me honey, because there’s a few things you need to know. Anyone who tells you that weight loss is simply a matter of calories in needing to be fewer than calories out has clearly never been an obese peri-menopausal woman with a history of yo-yo dieting!

The last thing I want to say in this, my first post, is to those dear souls who are suffering from obesity right now. Please don’t despair. You are not alone. And you are not a person lacking self control or of bad character just because you have become obese, as the popular 21st century cultural mythology would have you believe. There is a way. Stick with me baby. This is not going to be a set of glib one-liners. This is a program. From what I can see so far, it works, at least for me. And maybe, just maybe for you too. The time has come for us to win our battle with obesity.

Mardy Roux

  1. Mardy, Please read Paul McKenna’s I can make you thin. You will never again diet, fast, starve, weigh, or obsess over food again. I swear! Four easy principals to follow and after devoting a lifetime to “career dieting” I know how difficult it is. I’ve lost 30 lbs and 30 to go. Give it a shot. It will change your thinking regarding the diet torture we put ourselves through.

    • Hi Robin! Thanks for your lovely comment! I have done Paul McKenna`s programme. And I really committed to it. It didn`t work for me at all, but honestly, his novel approach is still based on reducing calories, so even he could not overcome the fact that my body has a powerful desire to overcome starvation. I prefer to not have to starve my body or to have to diet at all. I think if you read this blog in a bit more detail you`ll discover that I am not all about suggesting people become what you call *career dieters*, but rather I`m more concerned about treating the underlying issues that caused us to become obese. My project was very much about overcoming the obsession element as well, but in a way that actually worked for ME. I have not had to worry about calories, have not weighed or measured myself, have not starved or weighed food….none of those diet-y things since January, and I have gone from being morbidly obese to merely obese and I am still shrinking. I am also feeling healthier and more energetic, my skin looks great and my outlook on life is much better. I wish you the best with your Paul McKenna programme though….I am a big fan of his work!


      • Mardy, My name is Peggy. I am a 62 year old, 275 lbs. 5 ft. 4 inches. I have high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. I have tried many diets and nothing seems to work. I eat only when I have to, to avoid being sick to my stomach or to make my belly stop growling. My problem is that I eat the wrong things. Needless to say, I didn’t get to this weight by eating carrots. Every one of my family members are 350-450 lbs. Both of my grandmothers were over 400 lbs. when they died in their 90’s. I keep a journal of what I eat, and I do not go over 1500 calories a day. I am so tired all the time. I have been to the doctor and he ruled out anything medical. I didn’t ask him about fatigued adrenals, but you would think that he would know to check for that. Do you think that what you are doing, could help me also? I have been fat every since I was 5 years old and I do not want to die fat. Thank you, Peggy

      • Hi Peggy! It’s lovely to have you drop by. I can completely relate to being so so tired all the time and and trying diet after diet and having nothing WORK! It’s so frustrating, especially when many people feel free to judge us by our weight even when we’re struggling so much to find a way to lose it. It’s just so disheartening I can’t find words to describe it. I must say that your family sounds like it’s blessed with superb long-life genes, so you really do want to make the most of it! I was saying to one of my children only a couple of days ago that if I have another fifty years to go then I want to FEEL good while I’m living them!

        The first thing I have to say to you is that if you have high blood pressure and are pre-diabetic (although I think the majority of obese people are probably in some form of pre-diabetic stage) then it’s even more important to include your doctor in what you’re doing…especially if you’re on medications for these conditions, as weight loss and dietary changes may change the way your body reacts to those medications. So please make sure your doctor is monitoring your dosages! The second thing I have to say though is that every phase of my MROTP uses methods that have shown positive effects on insulin resistance (which is a part of the pre-diabetic state) or inflammation (which can be very much involved with high blood pressure) or both. The first few phases of MROTP use intermittent fasting methods which appear to be positive for both inflammation AND insulin resistance.

        Your doctor is unlikely to identify fatigued adrenals because MOST doctors are unlikely to identify them. That’s because doctors usually focus only on the very top or bottom two percent of adrenal activity, the highly hyperactive or highly insufficient, which are called Cushing’s Syndrome or Addison’s Disease. You can still have severely compromised adrenal function and not fall into either of these two categories.

        I think there’s an excellent chance that you are HUNGRY my dear Peggy. Your body is starving you to death by stealing every little bit you’re putting in your mouth and shoving it into fat cells. And you are eating very little to support yourself! To run your metabolism, your body will try and cannibalize itself by taking nutrition from your own organs. This can be very harmful! And it’s helping to make you feel exhausted. I do want to tell you that you are a hero though. Women who struggle through, controlling their calories in spite of desperate hunger, maintaining journals, and doing so endlessly while never seeing results really are amazing examples of human strength and endurance, and they show that being overweight has nothing whatsoever to do with having no self-control! You are one of those amazing women and you need to be congratulated! Now, how about you consider shifting your body out of its starvation mode and change things up.

        If you decide my MROTP is for you, here’s what you need to know. You are only concerned about calories on fasting days when calories are limited to a maximum of 500. Apart from that, you would eat to your heart’s content on eating days. Even if you’re eating all the wrong foods! Your body needs to know food is plentiful and your consciousness needs to know food is plentiful! Also, you’re tired because your body wants you to rest. It doesn’t have energy to spare right now, and if you’ve been having weight problems since you were five years old AND you’re pre-diabetic now then it is just highly likely you are insulin-resistant and this is also wearing your adrenals down. All this means you are not well and you need to rest! If you had the flu and felt tired you would REST because you know that you have to conserve energy while you let your body heal. Dear Peggy, you need to let your body heal. You need to feed yourself with plentiful food that you love and that you crave, even if it’s the “wrong” food right now….fixing the “food” will come eventually. In the meantime, REST REST REST! Activity and fitness can come later. If you think you want to try my MROTP please read everything on my blog very carefully and be sure to ask if you there’s something else you want to know. I wish you the very very best with your progress. And never forget, you’re a champion already.


  2. Hi Mardy, Thank you for getting back to me. You are a sweetheart for helping all of us. I will start today, when I wake up. I tend to be a night owl. It will be hard not to weight myself as I do so everyday. I am always 4 pounds lighter in the beginning of my day. On my fasting days, will it be ok to have 2 fruit smoothies? I blend them well enough that there is no chewing, at all. I have no one to do this with, so staying in touch with you will help me out. Once again, thank you for caring. Peggy

    • Hi Peggy, you’re very welcome. The fruit smoothies should be fine as long as you make sure that you are going to be at or under the 500 calories for the day. Because I think it’s helpful to disconnect from food preparation work on fasting days as well, I’d be inclined to make a smoothie in the morning and divide it up into the portions you want for the day. You may get a bit of an insulin response from the smoothies, depending on what’s in them, so you’ll have to watch to see if they make you hungrier than you want to be. I don’t worry overly about insulin responses in the first phases because learning to recognize the things that are triggering them is a big part of the learning curve. Then later on, we’ll deal with insulin once you are the master and commander of your own situation. Good luck! Let me know how you do!


  3. Thanks. Mardy. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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