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The First of Three Big Benefits of Phase 1 of the Mardy Roux Obesity Treatment Project

In Fasting on July 5, 2010 at 7:06 am

Benefit Number One: What the hell am I putting in my mouth?

I understand now that by the time I realized I was obese….an actual, real live FAT PERSON, I had been struggling with all sorts of weight and eating-related issues for years and years. And years. And years. And of all of the issues that I was struggling with during those years, one of the most important was my almost supernatural ability to put food in my mouth and eat it without even being consciously aware that I was doing so! On the rare occasion when some diet program or another convinced me to write down everything I ate, yes…the dreaded “journaling” process, I could never remember what in God’s name I’d actually eaten during the day!

If you’re like me, when some diet guru asks you to keep a “food journal” (and don’t those words just make you feel like your life has sunk to its lowest possible point!) I would never, ever, being the award-winning procrastinator that I am, write the journal as I went through the day. Hah! That would be too obvious! No, I’m the one there late at night trying to remember exactly what I ate all day long so I can get it down before I go to bed. Or sometimes I’ve been there trying to get the whole damned week written up before I went in to see the nurse or doctor who would then slap me on the wrist for not having taken the skin off the damned chicken (at which point you remind yourself to just lie about it next time, it’s chicken skin for crying out loud, not bringing down the economy of the civilized world with a ponzi derivatives scheme). I’m the one in the office who fills their time sheets in during the ten minutes before the monthly deadline. I’m the one who got lots of lovely little diaries as a girl, all with tiny brass padlocks cleverly built-in, and then wrote one page before determining I’d just fill in the rest in the week before I die in case anyone was interested later. Now what WAS I doing on January 3rd 1968?

Again, if you’re like me, you’ve dutifully filled in the “food journal” and then, just as you’ve been dropping off to sleep, you remember…”I forgot about those two strawberries I had this afternoon! I’d better put them on the list tomorrow.” And then at two in the morning as you roll over, trying desperately to remember that thing you used to have, called A Good Night’s Sleep, you suddenly remember the two crackers you had with cheese…just a tiny bit of cheese, but yes, as you were supposed to put down everything on that journal you’d better include it, which reminds you, there was also that little bowl of jello, for what, ONE calorie…oh! And that small tub of yoghurt, oh yeah and that extra coffee…I kid you not that I have filled in an entire day of a food journal and been completely impressed with my ability to stick to a plan, and by the next day I’ve actually doubled the food intake once I’ve remembered most of the little things I absent-mindedly popped into my mouth.

Connecting Your Brain to Your Mouth
When I started the Set Day Fasting phase of my MROTP, a funny thing happened. I suddenly started paying attention to the things I was putting in my mouth. I do believe it’s the first time ever for me, and I think the whole concept of being on a “fast” is the thing that does the psychological trick. Whenever I’ve been on a “diet” I have somehow been unable to circumvent that lifelong, natural, entirely human act of having a quick bite of something I like to eat. While cooking, or preparing food, or shopping, or putting away the groceries, these are the little “tastes” of life that I find just so enjoyable. I also suspect that as my insulin resistant metabolism was always on the edge of some kind of low blood sugar crisis, the subconscious act of eating a bite of food here and there may also have been helping me to keep a more stable blood sugar level, even though it was also helping me to pile on the fat by pandering to my insulin levels. Yet once my brain had absorbed the exciting idea of being on a “fast” for a few days each week, I suddenly became acutely aware every time I caught myself in the act of picking up a little “something” to chew on.

Falling conscious on cold turkey
Fasting woke me up. I often refer to this as bringing my awareness to the front of my head and into my eyes. It’s about being conscious of the things we’re doing and making conscious choices. Knowing that I was fasting and would only have three liquid meals plus my coffee each day as calories, with NOTHING TO CHEW ON AT ALL in Phase 1, meant I could finally go cold turkey! Drug addicts and smokers get to go cold turkey from their problems, but eaters still have to eat to stay alive. They never get the cold turkey effect. Until now. The LIQUID FAST fixes that! You have an entire day in which you will be going cold turkey from chewing food. You will get calories, but you will be free of the sense of “eating”, because eating is about “chewing”, and like cows, we can just glaze over happily and bliss out of our problems for a second or two when we are having a good “chew” and not even remember the event.

During your liquid fast days, your consciousness will begin to move to the front of your mind and it will sit in behind your eyes and you will feel like you are FINALLY DRIVING THIS MACHINE! I could burst into tears at the thought of it. All these years I have been basically operating a human body without a license. With a reflector over the windshield. With curtains on the windows. But a month of Set Day Fasting and I could finally SEE. Every time I picked up something to pop into my mouth, I put the brakes on. No chewing today. No eating today. I’m fasting. Liquid fasting. I’d take charge of myself and go on to the next thing. I had gained control!!

Once you have real control, you keep it
The amazing thing about my new found consciousness about what I was putting in my mouth was that this was a form of consciousness that began to seep into my eating days. Although in Phase 1 I could eat anything I wanted to eat on eating days, and as much as I wanted, I was suddenly noticing every little thing I put into my mouth, and reveling in my freedom to do so. And that my friend, was the beginning of a process of noticing that there was a connection between some of those little things I was putting in my mouth and the way I was feeling a few hours or a day later. A connection I could never have even thought about making when I had absolutely no freaking clue what was going into my mouth in the first place!

It’s about relaxing
In Phase 1 (and beyond) you get to relax. You can fast three days a week, eat four days a week and know you’re on the path to wellness. No stress. No struggle. No scales. No tape measures. No exercising. No failing. No self-loathing. Just handle one day of liquid fasting and then you can eat. And by doing that, you get the greatest gift you can get. You get to experience the kind of healing that helps people with serious addictions. You get to feel what it’s like to not have to chew. Because chewing is the physical act that is connected to your obesity. You get to withdraw from it. You get to be conscious when you do have an opportunity to chew. You get to switch on your consciousness and connect with the things you’re putting in your mouth. And this effect is going to become more and more profound and life-changing as the weeks go by. And one morning you’ll wake up and you will be completely and utterly in charge of this situation. You will be empowered. You will know that each and every morsel that goes into your mouth will be put there because you consciously CHOSE to do it. And on that day, you will have won the battle. The rest is just the details.

Mardy Roux

Always consult your medical advisor before beginning a weight loss program


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